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Sparkly Nails

23 Jan

My favourite kind of make-up by far is nail varnish. It’s fun, cheap and so easy to apply! The best nail varnish out there right now, in my opinion, is Barry M’s sparkly, glittery, colourful collection. There are many cute bottles to choose from, but my favourites are these. There’s the Amethyst, the Diamond, the Gold Mine, the Rose Quartz, the Ruby, and the coolest one for me; the Pink Sapphire. Gorgeous! And for £2.99 and 3 for the price of 2 at Superdrug, they’re a beauty-licious bargain!

Amethyst, £2.99         Diamond, £2.99

Gold Mine, £2.99      Rose Quartz, £2.99

Ruby, £2.99       Pink Sapphire, £2.99




Top Sale Picks

2 Jan

It’s that time of year where sales are in nearly every high street shop, so I’ve picked my four favourite bargains around. Firstly, these leopard print loafers from Topshop are adorable and they used to be £28 but are now £10. Secondly,  there’s this on-trend, bright yellow Cambridge satchel from that used to be £141 but is now £90. Thirdly, this black and white paisley blazer is from River Island and used to be £55 but now it’s £30. And lastly, there’s this gorgeous plum coloured leather trousers from H&M that were £24.99 but are now £12, and they are also available in black.