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Skinted Or Minted

15 Feb

I love getting new stuff for my bedroom, like duvet covers for my bed, and Cath Kidston is an amazing brand with gorgeous homey things which I’d love to get my hands on! Unfortunatly, things there can be pretty expensive so I looked around for more beautiful covers and I finally found some from The Range. The two places have websites which you can check out and the two places have covers that look (more or less) exactly the same! They’re light blue with pink flowers and on the other side of the cover there are polka dots; red ones on a white background on the Cath Kidston cover and white ones with a light blue background on the The Range cover. They’re lovely! So which one would you choose? The expensive-looking expensive one for £65 or the cheaper but just as good version for £14.99?


Double bed cover, £65, Cath Kidston


Double bed cover, £14.99, The Range



Future Dreams

15 Feb

Everyone should have dreams that they want to come true, so I thought that I’d share with you some things I’d like to do and achieve in the future:

~ learn how to knit and knit loads of jumpers

~ learn a new language, like Italian or Spanish or Mandarin

~ learn how to dive and jump  off the highest diving board in my local pool

~ write a book

~ travel to many countries

~ have a successful job that I love

~ buy a grey or red Fiat 500

~ cook more and learn how to cook good food

~ buy something from Tiffany’s

~ watch every film I want to watch

~ read every book I want to read

~ get a good-looking boyfriend and have my first kiss

~ go jogging more often and be good at it

~ eat healthier food, like fruit and veg