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Sparkly Nails

23 Jan

My favourite kind of make-up by far is nail varnish. It’s fun, cheap and so easy to apply! The best nail varnish out there right now, in my opinion, is Barry M’s sparkly, glittery, colourful collection. There are many cute bottles to choose from, but my favourites are these. There’s the Amethyst, the Diamond, the Gold Mine, the Rose Quartz, the Ruby, and the coolest one for me; the Pink Sapphire. Gorgeous! And for £2.99 and 3 for the price of 2 at Superdrug, they’re a beauty-licious bargain!

Amethyst, £2.99         Diamond, £2.99

Gold Mine, £2.99      Rose Quartz, £2.99

Ruby, £2.99       Pink Sapphire, £2.99




Violent Lips

16 Sep

Seen on celebs such as Jessie J, the Violent Lips wraps are a new, cool trend that you have to be confident and daring to pull off as everyone will be staring at the crazy ‘lipgloss’ on your lips! But why not where them? Fashion and beauty are supposed to be fun so buy your Violent Lips from or stores like Boots or Selfridges. From the rainbow coloured style to the cheetah to little red and white hearts to the South African flag, these wraps are perfect for a party or a special occasion and will sure to get you noticed! Two of my favourites, pictured here, is The Gold Glitterati and The Pink Giraffe, both for £9.28. But some wraps are priced lower, such as £4.96 and £6.20. Mwah!


Louise Gray for Topshop

27 Aug

The faboulous designer has finally collaborated with Topshop and some of her clothes and make-up range are now on sale in the shop. With prices starting at a expensive £130 for the clothes, the best option is the make-up, especially when it’s crazy colours are perfect to brighten up the upcoming autumn. My favourite picks are the glittery green nail varnish for £6.50, the glitter pots for £8, the electric blue eyeliner for £8 and the pink lipstick for £10. Beautiful!