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Future Dreams

15 Feb

Everyone should have dreams that they want to come true, so I thought that I’d share with you some things I’d like to do and achieve in the future:

~ learn how to knit and knit loads of jumpers

~ learn a new language, like Italian or Spanish or Mandarin

~ learn how to dive and jump  off the highest diving board in my local pool

~ write a book

~ travel to many countries

~ have a successful job that I love

~ buy a grey or red Fiat 500

~ cook more and learn how to cook good food

~ buy something from Tiffany’s

~ watch every film I want to watch

~ read every book I want to read

~ get a good-looking boyfriend and have my first kiss

~ go jogging more often and be good at it

~ eat healthier food, like fruit and veg


A Bright Idea

31 Dec

Oh wow I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year already! 2012 has gone by so fast and so many amazing things have happened! It’s a shame I only wrote my diary up to January 16th so I’m going to try harder in 2013! But just in case I forget and can’t be bothered, I’ve invented something new. It’s called the Happy Jar and everyone can make one! The only thing I did was find an empty jam jar in my kitchen, wash it and label it with a piece of paper saying “Happy Jar.” So what I’m going to do next year is write anything that happens to me that is good and makes me feel happy; like last year I got a job, I succeeded in my exams and I recieved ¬£300 for Christmas! If I’d had a jar then I’d have written them down on pieces of paper, folded them and stuck them in. But the happy things can be little things to like if you’ve finished a great book, or watched an amazing film, or someone you like complimented your outfit, and so on. The nice thing is, if you ever feel sad or upset in 2013, you can just look at the jar or even read some of the notes in it, and hopefully you’ll feel better and know that you shouldn’t be sad because you have lot’s of reasons to be happy. So happy new year to you all, good luck and let 2013 be a fantastic year for you. BTW, forget impossible resolutions and think of seizing the day, helping others, enjoying, trying and doing new things, being healthier, and living life to the full.