The Best Books

18 Nov

If you don’t know what to ask for this Christmas, I’d recommend a cool fashion book to put in your stocking. I have picked the best of the bunch for you here and they are all available on for amazingly cheap prices. Firstly, there’s The Little Fashion Dictionary by Christian Dior that will look amazing on your shelf, or The Sartorialist is perfect for fans of blog, or Style Diaries: World Fashion from Berlin to Tokyo is full of fashionistas showing off their styles, or pick  The Teen Vogue Handbook which has everything and anything to do with fashion on its pages. For more stylish books, or if you want to read comments on readers’ favourites, head to






Golden Watches

18 Nov

Who would have thought watches would be in fashion? Yeah, men always wear watches, or perhaps busy women that work in posh offices, but teenage girls and young fashionistas? They’re more likely to wear bracelets than a buy a brand new watch tro wear everywhere. Well now it’s changed because watches have become cool, cooler than you think. The watches I love the most are the gold ones; bright yellow gold or a more subtle rose gold. River Island have wonderful watches and they’re reasonably priced too, but if you want to spend a bit more money for the designer version, go for Michael Kors. Also log on to for a chance to win a beautiful Thomas Sabo watch. Good luck!


Party Dresses

13 Nov

It’s now time to think of what to wear to all those parties you will be invited to in the weeks coming up to Christmas and New Year, and what more to buy a cool, new party dress! There are four brand new styles that we love: the baroque dress, the sequin dress, the lace dress, and the velvet dress. Which one will you get?



Niki Pilkington

25 Sep

This is a name you might not have heard of, but you should get used to it because Niki Pilkington is a super-talented, super-stylish, welsh fashion illustrator. She works between her studios in North Wales and London and has drawn beautiful, fashionable pictures of clothes and girls for Topshop, Dolce and Gabbanna, Ted Baker, MTV, fashion magazines and more. Every girl should be jealous of Niki, especially as she has met famous people to draw their children’s shoes, she has been interviewed often by magazines and websites, she’s been to London Fashion Week and seen some models on the catwalk. There’s no denying it; her job is so cool! To know more about her and to see some of her work, head to or She even has bags, diaries and notebooks of her work on them on sale on the net! The drawings below are only some of her many pictures of girls wearing pretty clothes, and she adds writing to the images, like welsh sayings and idioms. Awesome!





Violent Lips

16 Sep

Seen on celebs such as Jessie J, the Violent Lips wraps are a new, cool trend that you have to be confident and daring to pull off as everyone will be staring at the crazy ‘lipgloss’ on your lips! But why not where them? Fashion and beauty are supposed to be fun so buy your Violent Lips from or stores like Boots or Selfridges. From the rainbow coloured style to the cheetah to little red and white hearts to the South African flag, these wraps are perfect for a party or a special occasion and will sure to get you noticed! Two of my favourites, pictured here, is The Gold Glitterati and The Pink Giraffe, both for £9.28. But some wraps are priced lower, such as £4.96 and £6.20. Mwah!


Frassy Rags

15 Sep is a cool, stylish blog where the blogger is photographed wearing beautiful clothes and shows us where to buy original pieces. She is very fashionable and even has her own shop called Frassy Rags. To go on it, log on to where you can buy this unique selection. The cosmic unicorn tee is £15, the orange sequin blouse is £20, the love necklace is £5.99 and the antler ring is £7. Of course there are a lot more stunning tops and jewellery on the website so make sure you check it out!




Remember Me

11 Sep

On September 11th, 2001, thousands of good, innocent people lost their lives when the Twin Towers were hit by an aeroplane. It was one of the most traumatic happening in the history of the world, and today we must remember those who were killed. That’s why I thought of this film: Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan. It is only £3.82 on, and so a perfect, cheap buy!  It is a superb romantic drama based on the lives of two lovers; Tyler, who’s parents have split because of his brother’s suicide, and Ally, who lives every day to the full after witnessing her mother’s murder. Set in 2001 at the time of the Twin Towers’ attack, Remember Me is shocking, thrilling, emotional and an eye-opener for everyone over the age of 12. Yes, you will cry, but you will also experience how it was like for those poor people on September 11th, 2001.